[fr] Water Filling Systems & Topping-up Equipment

Saft’s maintenance equipment is designed specifically to carry out safe and reliable topping up of Saft Ni-Cd batteries accurately and with ease as part of your battery’s low maintenance programme.

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Caractéristiques / Avantages

Saft Water Filling System and Cell Topping-up Equipment: specially designed to increase maintenance efficiency

Saft Water Filling Station: the station is based on low pressure balancing in each cell to ensure a proper and uniform level of electrolyte throughout the battery.   As cells fill in series, it is impossible for any to be skipped which prevents the battery from the risk of drying out.  Also the central water filling system is much faster and less labour intensive than filling each cell manually. This provides for a reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership thanks to reduced maintenance cost.

Saft Cell Topping-Up Equipment: this equipment has been designed to aid with the topping-up of water for various cell types, especially where the electrolyte levels cannot easily be seen.

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